It’s all a big CROCK!

I bet everyone can remember that DREADED crock pot that our mothers had perched up on the counter on Sunday mornings.  It was new, it was exciting!  Being able to prepare an entire meal while sitting at church was a dream come true!

The smell of pot roast would creep into  every crevice of the house.  Enticing all the manly types with the beefy smells of  their childhood, knowing they would have lots of gravy to sop up with their enormous wedges of french bread.  Meanwhile,  grossing out the kids – because we knew that the stringy meat and limp carrots would be inevitable.

What?  It never went away?   Its making a comeback with the millennials?   It is actually easy and the options can be delicious?  YES.   Use the CROCK POT.  MAKE it EASY!

Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas.    Possibly the easiest low carb, versatile dish on the planet.  This really doesnt even need a recipe – I mean, who doesnt know what goes into fajitas?  This is more of a reminder.   A reminder that simple tastes good.  Simple is carb free and SIMPLE LOOKS GREAT ON YOU!

I eat this often.   On a salad with avocado and taco sauce, in a low carb tortilla, in a bowl with some cheese and sour cream.   Anyway you eat it – you will find yourself going back to this dish again and again.


I start with some salsa in the bottom of my crock.   and lay a few chicken breasts down.   These happened to be pre-seasoned at the grocery store, but you can use plain chicken breasts just the same.  (Hint: if you dont have peppers on hand, add one jar of salsa to the chicken breasts and shred after cooking- makes a great meal!) 


Next I slice up my peppers.   I usually slice an onion for this dish too, but this time, I opted for no onions.    Spread this colorful mix on top of the chicken breasts and then add some fajita seasoning as desired.

Turn that baby up to high for about 3-4  hours and VOILA.   Chicken Fajitas.                      (im sure if you wanted to drag this out – you could put on LOW for 5-6 hours) 

Cut up that chicken and eat it the way you want to eat it.     I like mine on lettuce with some taco sauce and a bit of sour cream!  How do you like to eat yours?





About Low Carb Lucy

Mom,wife, realtor, builders assistant and low carb junkie! watch me reach my goal!
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