I’m kind of a big DILL

I need a snack.   I have to eat.

I work out, I drink water, I eat real food – OFTEN.

SO, when I need to grab a quick snack, there are few things I like to have on hand.    One of my first grabs is a  PICKLE!     I like the sour snap of the pickle and they also have great post work-out electrolyte recovery qualities (or so they say).   Oh, and a little sip of pickle juice is said to cure the hiccups!


When I have time, I make the pickle roll ups.  This is a favorite tailgating food at football games and what d’ya know?   Its completely low carb; which make it a perfect everyday snack for me!

What are they and how do you make them?

What youbigdill need:

  • WHOLE Pickles (I like the zesty dill)
  • Cream Cheese
  • Dried beef (or ham)

Let the cream cheese set out and soften before you dive in – it can get messy!

Layout some meat, spread with cream cheese and place a pickle on top – Like this:

pickle wraps

Roll these up and toss them in the fridge for a bit.

Slice them up into snack sized bites and eat these up!   The cream cheese balances the zest of the pickle so well.   I’m gonna bet these will be one of your favorite low carb snacks too!

pickle wraps3pickle wraps2

Warning: this can get messy – you might need to use cream cheese as “glue” to hook several pieces of meat together.   You could also put your cream cheese between parchment paper and roll out with a rolling pin- then layer with meat and roll in the pickles.. you will find your way – I promise.    Worst case scenario – chop it all up and make it into a dip! 

When you need pickle and don’t have prep time?    Do me a favor and grab some of these  OH SNAP! Products.  They have different flavors of Pickles, carrots and green beans – ready to eat, right out of the pouch.     I have seen them available at grocery stores and convenience stores around town.  They really pack a punch.  Crisp, Delicious, Completely fulfilled.

oh snap picklecarrots.png

I Love pickles.







About Low Carb Lucy

Mom,wife, realtor, builders assistant and low carb junkie! watch me reach my goal!
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