It’s called CRACK for a reason…

CRACK SLAW – because its addicting. 

One of my go-to Low Carb meals is this delicious recipe I found on Pinterest.   I put off trying it because I’m not a huge fan of cabbage –  boy was I wrong to put this off.   This has become a staple in my diet and each time I make it, I tweak it for my taste – you will tweak yours too – but here is the basics:

what you will need:

  • 1 lbs. Ground beef or turkey or sausage
  • 1 bags Dole Cole Slaw Mix
  • 2 Green Onions
  • 2 tsp minced garlic
  • 2 tbsp Soy Sauce (you could substitute with aminos or other)
  • 1tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 2 tbsp Hoisen Sauce (or something sweet – splenda works too)

To start, brown up the ground beef.

While you are browning this,  mix up the green onions, garlic, soy, sesame oil, crushed red pepper and ginger in a bowl.


Drain your ground beef and put back into your pan.

In the same pan,  add the bag of Cole slaw mix along with the sauce mixture and  stir on medium heat until cabbage becomes tender.   Don’t over cook this – It tastes better when there is still a slight crunch!

Now, add some Hoisen sauce to this and stir it up (this really brings the asian flavor).  If you dont like hoisen, you can leave it out, or try adding a packet of sweetner – The sweet balances out the acidity of this dish and makes you very HAPPY!




You may decide to add less crushed red pepper, or you may decide you want more soy sauce – this recipe can be manipulated to taste how YOU want it to taste.

Any way you eat it – its Low Carb, and delicious!

Pack it up  for lunch.  This warms up nicely in the microwave and stays good for several days!

Don’t put this off  another day- and make a double batch!   You will be so glad you did!

Oh, and don’t say I didn’t warn you about the “crack” part!


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Row, Row, Row your boat…

What floats your boat?     Taco, Pizza, Philly Cheese Steak  ?

I absolutely love versatile recipes with few ingredients that you can make over and over again, while incorporating different flavors.

The possibilities are again endless with this quick and easy recipe for those of us who need a different vehicle for our food.   A Boat!

Today, I was craving some good Mexican food so I decided to make the low carb TACO BOAT.    Hold on, grab your paddles… Here we go!

What you will need:

  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 3 bell peppers (or red peppers or yellow peppers)
  • taco sauce
  • shredded mexican cheese
  • taco seasoning
  • lettuce/salsa/ sour cream for garnish

preheat oven to 350

First.. brown the ground beef and add the taco seasoning to your meat.    While this is browning,  cut the peppers in 1/2 and clean out all the seeds to make your boats.

Now comes the fun part.   Stuff the boats.

Start by spooning the taco meat into each pepper boat.   1 lb fit into 6 halves perfectly – this will depend on the size of peppers you are using.

Next.  top with some Taco Sauce ( I like Ortega )

Sprinkle those suckers with lots of Taco Cheese

Pop them in the oven and bake for 20 – 30 minutes.    Keep an eye on these. you want the pepper to soften up and the cheese to be nice and golden!   (I think I continued to bake mine for an extra 5 minutes!)


Take them out, top with lettuce, black olives, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa – whatever you have on hand!  One bite and you will be rowing this boat over and over again!

boat final

Edited to say:  I made these a 2nd time and added some refried beans to the taco meat and its twice as delicious – stays together a bit better! 

Other ideas for stuffing these boats:

PIZZA:  pizza sauce / pizza fillings of choice topped with mozzarella

Chicken Parm:    pizza sauce  with chicken breasts topped with mozzarella

Philly Cheese steak:   sliced meat layered with provolone

Fajita:   Onions / chicken or shrimp / taco seasonings and cheese

Denver Omelet:  fill with scrambled eggs, ham, onion and top with cheese

Cheeseburger:   ground beef, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onion topped with cheese

Oh,  and do me a favor… Add bacon to this from time to time! 

Remember – you get to choose  your vehicle.   Why not pick a pepper?




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Low Carb Bleus


I will call it BLUE, because I’m American and I cant reverse my vowels.

The Cordon Blue has many variations but is generally a cutlet some meat and some cheese all wrapped together, breaded and then deep fried.   DROOL!

For this entry, I have decided to stick with the basics: chicken, ham and swiss.
I promise you wont miss the deep fried crispy exterior of this flavorful bite.

What you will need:

Chicken Breasts
Thin sliced ham
Sliced swiss cheese
Dijon Mustard

With a thicker Chicken breast, you may choose to butterfly the breast for a thinner cut of meat.    (the butcher can do this for you if you aren’t handy with a knife) 

PREHEAT OVEN TO 350 degrees

Start with your chicken breast and pound it out until you have a thin cutlet



Next, I mixed up some dijon with some mayo.                (lets just call this SAUCE)

No, I dont have measurements, I just throw some in a bowl and mix it up.

2/3 mayo, 1/3 dijon is the ratio I like.

Spread it on the chicken.


Now comes the good part…

Put your ham and cheese on this chicken and roll it up .                                                               Secure with toothpicks if you need to.


You can see here that I used one full chicken breast – the other one I opted to butterfly for      2 smaller portions.

After you have your juicy bundles of joy all wrapped up, top with some additional sauce, ham and do NOT forget extra cheese!

Put in the oven and bake for approx. 40 minutes.










OOEY GOOEY DELICIOUS HOT MESS of a MEAL!   Add some lettuce. Make it a meal!

xoxo Lucy

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It’s all a big CROCK!

I bet everyone can remember that DREADED crock pot that our mothers had perched up on the counter on Sunday mornings.  It was new, it was exciting!  Being able to prepare an entire meal while sitting at church was a dream come true!

The smell of pot roast would creep into  every crevice of the house.  Enticing all the manly types with the beefy smells of  their childhood, knowing they would have lots of gravy to sop up with their enormous wedges of french bread.  Meanwhile,  grossing out the kids – because we knew that the stringy meat and limp carrots would be inevitable.

What?  It never went away?   Its making a comeback with the millennials?   It is actually easy and the options can be delicious?  YES.   Use the CROCK POT.  MAKE it EASY!

Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas.    Possibly the easiest low carb, versatile dish on the planet.  This really doesnt even need a recipe – I mean, who doesnt know what goes into fajitas?  This is more of a reminder.   A reminder that simple tastes good.  Simple is carb free and SIMPLE LOOKS GREAT ON YOU!

I eat this often.   On a salad with avocado and taco sauce, in a low carb tortilla, in a bowl with some cheese and sour cream.   Anyway you eat it – you will find yourself going back to this dish again and again.


I start with some salsa in the bottom of my crock.   and lay a few chicken breasts down.   These happened to be pre-seasoned at the grocery store, but you can use plain chicken breasts just the same.  (Hint: if you dont have peppers on hand, add one jar of salsa to the chicken breasts and shred after cooking- makes a great meal!) 


Next I slice up my peppers.   I usually slice an onion for this dish too, but this time, I opted for no onions.    Spread this colorful mix on top of the chicken breasts and then add some fajita seasoning as desired.

Turn that baby up to high for about 3-4  hours and VOILA.   Chicken Fajitas.                      (im sure if you wanted to drag this out – you could put on LOW for 5-6 hours) 

Cut up that chicken and eat it the way you want to eat it.     I like mine on lettuce with some taco sauce and a bit of sour cream!  How do you like to eat yours?




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I’m too busy to prepare food…

Excuse after excuse to “cheat” on your diet.   Too busy, too tired, too expensive…

Quit the whining.   I GET IT.

Just a little blog to put some of my favorite “fast foods” and no-fail choices when in a pinch for time and energy.

chicken patties

Trader Joe’s Roasted Chicken Patties.   Vac Sealed chicken?  Ewwww.   NO – these are really good.  Pop in the microwave for a minute and presto! Protein for days!





Salami / Cheese.  

Im hooked.   Look for these in the cheese department at your local grocery store.  They are available in a variety of flavors!  If I cant find the meat wrapped cheese – I head for the log of summer sausage!  No fear of encased meats over here!

salami wrapssummer sausage



tuna creations


TUNA CREATIONS!  This is so easy and so flavorful. Spoon it right out of the pouch, or toss it on a salad.  Add Mayo and Celery for a delicious lunch.  Anyway you eat it, your taste buds will thank you.    Also available in other flavors!






NUTS.   Never met a nut I didnt like.

Pistachios, walnuts and almonds are my favorite.  Those darned cashews are just a tad high in the carb department for me…

Try the new FLAVORED Almonds – the Salt and                 Vinegar will make you pucker!


Pre and post workout?    I grab 1/2 of a Quest bar before the workout and a FIT AID drink post workout.   High Protein  prior to the workout and a few carbs after the workout.. followed by high protein later.   This is what works for me.   My favorite quest bar (this week) is the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.     The FitAID has a citrus grapefruity taste to it and it works wonders for recovery!  Try it!


Last, but not least, Lets not forget something sweet.     I shall not deprive myself, but I cant indulge either.   I have a little stash of sugar free candy at my desk and I have a drawer full of HaloTop Ice Cream in my freezer.    Its just something I have to do…









happy snacker!



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I’m kind of a big DILL

I need a snack.   I have to eat.

I work out, I drink water, I eat real food – OFTEN.

SO, when I need to grab a quick snack, there are few things I like to have on hand.    One of my first grabs is a  PICKLE!     I like the sour snap of the pickle and they also have great post work-out electrolyte recovery qualities (or so they say).   Oh, and a little sip of pickle juice is said to cure the hiccups!


When I have time, I make the pickle roll ups.  This is a favorite tailgating food at football games and what d’ya know?   Its completely low carb; which make it a perfect everyday snack for me!

What are they and how do you make them?

What youbigdill need:

  • WHOLE Pickles (I like the zesty dill)
  • Cream Cheese
  • Dried beef (or ham)

Let the cream cheese set out and soften before you dive in – it can get messy!

Layout some meat, spread with cream cheese and place a pickle on top – Like this:

pickle wraps

Roll these up and toss them in the fridge for a bit.

Slice them up into snack sized bites and eat these up!   The cream cheese balances the zest of the pickle so well.   I’m gonna bet these will be one of your favorite low carb snacks too!

pickle wraps3pickle wraps2

Warning: this can get messy – you might need to use cream cheese as “glue” to hook several pieces of meat together.   You could also put your cream cheese between parchment paper and roll out with a rolling pin- then layer with meat and roll in the pickles.. you will find your way – I promise.    Worst case scenario – chop it all up and make it into a dip! 

When you need pickle and don’t have prep time?    Do me a favor and grab some of these  OH SNAP! Products.  They have different flavors of Pickles, carrots and green beans – ready to eat, right out of the pouch.     I have seen them available at grocery stores and convenience stores around town.  They really pack a punch.  Crisp, Delicious, Completely fulfilled.

oh snap picklecarrots.png

I Love pickles.






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Back in 1993, I traveled to Antwerp, Belgium.   While I was there, I visited the home of Peter Paul Rubens.  Not Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) –  Im talking about Sir Peter Paul Rubens who was a famous artist born in 1577 who was wildly famous for his paintings of religious scenes and…..

curvaceous women

Has anyone told you lately that you have a RUBENesque figure?

Definition of Rubenesque. : of, relating to, or suggestive of the painter Rubens or his works; especially : plump or rounded usually in a pleasing or attractive way a Rubenesque figure.

The only thing I want to be Rubenesque is my Sandwich!


When living a low-carb lifestyle, this really isnt a good idea.      Oh, how I love the Reuben;  The juicy corned beef paired with the pickled briney taste of the kraut with all that delicious thousand island dressing and melted swiss between some Toasted Rye.   Are you kidding me?   My mouth is watering.

SO, How can you do the Reuben, when you cant have the Rueben?


What you will need:ruben makings

  • Corned beef or Pastrami
  • Saurkraut
  • swiss cheese
  • thousand island dressing


Start by laying out a piece of sliced meat.

spoon some sauerkraut on the meat and top with some thousand island dressing and swiss cheese.

Roll this up and top with more swiss cheese.

Pop it in the microwave for 1 minute and PRESTO, you have a Reuben Roll Up.   The perfect snack or meal to cure that need for that damned sandwich you have been craving!

ruben done

This really is a great bite.  The thousand Island dressing is the only ingredient with a carb in it, and it is so low….  I promise it wont make you Ruben-esque!

xoxo Lucy

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